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Greyhound Australia travels to over 1,100 destinations around Australia everyday, and offer unrivaled coverage of this Island continent. Explore Australia from the ground up with Greyhound and book express travel, passes and even tours with us!

We understand that there is no better way to see Australia, so we offer a wide range of different options. Book express travel as you go, choose from a large range of different routes with our Mini Traveller and Traveller passes or create your own itinerary as you go with a Kilometre pass, we have a ticketing option that will fit your plans.

Backpacking Concession Cards

Receive 10% off our Explorer, Day and Micro Passes and 15% bonus kilometres with your Kilometre Pass when you use the following concession cards with us!

  • ISIC Card Holders
  • VIP Card Holders
  • YHA Card Holders
  • Gap Year Debit Card
  • International Student Privilege Card
  • Nomad Card Holders
  • Roam Free
  • Independent Backpacker Gold Card
  • ISE CARD (International Student Exchange)
  • All Australian Uni and institute identity cards

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